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Tips for the barbecue
Recipes adapted for cooking on the barbecue are numerous on the internet and in bookshops. So why do we limit ourselves to the classic: "hamburger/hot dogs"?
During the summer season, the barbecue is a cooking device that can make life a lot easier. It will undoubtedly bring a festive touch to your weekend meals and on the weekdays!

Our nutritionist-dietitian shares her tips to get the most out of your barbecue.


For everyone to enjoy these recipes without any danger, here is a brief reminder of some things to watch out for:

  1. Choose lean meats or remove excess visible fat or skin from the piece of your choice. In addition to reducing fat, this will allow you to enjoy safer cooking. Fats that fall onto the hot surface or charcoal give off harmful, cancer-causing fumes that can contact your food.
  2. Use a cooking thermometer to ensure optimal cooking and complete destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. According to Protégez-vous*, here are the cooking degrees to aim for:

- Beef, medium-rare: 145°F (63°C)

- Pork: 160 °F (71 °C)

- Poultry: 165 °F (74 °C)

- Ground meat and fresh sausage: 160 °F (71 °C)

- Hot dog sausage: 165 °F (74 °C)

  1. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with celiac disease, cross-contamination is an important consideration. Properly clean the grates with a clean brush or use aluminum foil to place or wrap your food. It will be preferable to cook your food on the top grids, and it is crucial to use well-identified utensils reserved only for gluten-free food.


the alternatives

Get off the beaten track to make your meals even more delicious!

  1. Marinate your meat/poultry/fish and seafood/tofu yourself. Besides having a tastier and more tender dish, you'll have a lower-sodium and lower-fat product than the store-bought ready-to-eat versions. You'll also avoid added sugars!
  2. Grill your vegetables directly on the griddle, or opt for the papillotes and herbs of your choice. You can also use a cast-iron frying pan or a barbecue wok for stir-frying your vegetables.
  3. Grill fruit (peach, apricot, pineapple, plum, papaya, melon, etc.) or cheese, an excellent side dish for poultry and shrimp or simply for an unusual dessert.


To "pimp" the barbecue classics while aiming to obtain a tasty and nutritious version, try these variations during your next "hamburger/hot dog" meals.



Mayonnaise, butter, margarine

Slices of avocado, hummus or homemade pesto

A touch of freshness

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, julienned cabbage

Maximum flavour

Slices of cheese/faux cheese, caramelized onions, sauerkraut, jalapeno pepper, fruit chutney or homemade salsa, olives, prosciutto


Try the different variants (Dijon, honey, horseradish, etc.),

Pancakes, sausages

Opt for game, poultry, fish or homemade vegetarian/vegan options

Homemade condiments

Ketchup, relish, mayonnaise


Choose whole-grain bread. Go off the beaten path and opt instead for lettuce leaves or portobello mushroom caps.


Raw vegetables, coleslaw/green salad, baked vegetable fries, kale chips


Pitfalls to avoid

There are many opportunities to feast around a barbecue. Discover our tips to make informed choices and avoid feeling uncomfortable during the evening and in the morning.

  1. Alcohol The classic of all festivities, but not the least inoffensive! The number of drinks and energy intake increases quickly if you start in the afternoon. Alternate with at least one glass of water, rather than taking one drink after the other. Put down your glass or bottle, keeping an eye on it to slow down the pace and avoid sneaky refills. This will keep your body hydrated and reduce the possible unpleasant effects of the next day.
  2. Meals that go on forever Meals that go on and on are often too copious! To help you better manage long meals, respect your hunger. Your body will tell you when it has had enough. If possible, find out what the menu will be during the day and evening so that you can select the foods you prefer according to your appetite. Take the time to stop during meals to become aware of how full you feel and talk to your guests.
  3. Accompaniments/ Snacks Among all the choices offered, make a selection to grant yourself the items that will satisfy you. Avoid dipping directly into bowls; instead, take a bowl or plate to serve yourself. It will be easier for you to realize how much you've eaten.


Recipe suggestions:



I wish you a great summer!


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