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Lysanne Pedicelli | Nutritionist at NutriSimple

Lysanne Pedicelli, RD


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Clinique NutriSimple 6955, boul. Taschereau, bureau 207 J4Z 1A7, Québec (Canada) 514-990-5240 Schedule an appointment
Nutritionnist in Brossard


Clinique des spécialistes Le Trait-d'Union 38 Boul. Marie Victorin J5B 1A9, Québec (Canada) 514 990-5240 Schedule an appointment
Nutritionnist in Delson

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Clinique virtuelle Nutrisimple Consultations nutritionnelles téléphoniques ou Teams/Zoom , Québec (Canada) 514-990-5240 Schedule an appointment
Nutritionnist in Virtuelle : Teams/Zoom


Clinique Halte Santé 836 Boul St-Jean-Baptiste suite 101 J6R 1E3, Québec (Canada) 514-990-5240 Schedule an appointment
Nutritionnist in Mercier

Nutritionist/dietitian in Brossard, La Prairie, Châteauguay, Delson, and Beauharnois.

My motto: Wanting to eat well will become synonymous with pleasure, variety, and simplicity without guilt!

My mission: Personalize my approach to help you find what is best for you according to your lifestyle, your health condition, your values, and your social situation.

My goal: Help people develop a healthy relationship with food and their body by linking a healthy diet with the pleasure of eating without guilt!

Nutritionist-dietician in Brossard, La Prairie, Châteauguay, Delson and Beauharnois, I am a graduate of the University of Montreal and a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec.

Having struggled with obesity at a young age, the decision to study nutrition was a natural one. I have come out of the vicious circle of diet and restrictions, but I know how much MOTIVATION, NUTRITION EDUCATION, and SUPPORT are needed.

I started my community nutrition career to promote healthy eating to youth and their families through cooking workshops, conferences, guides, and other practical tools, primarily within schools and child care settings. This career path has made me an excellent communicator and popularizer.

My active listening, my sense of empathy, and dedication to others make me a nutritionist with whom people feel comfortable, understood, and mostly never judged.

I am particularly interested in chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, hepatic steatosis, etc.). But I love challenges! So feel free to consult with me, regardless of your nutrition questions or reasons for consultation, as this is one of the best ways for me to stay abreast of emerging nutrition trends.

As someone who cares about healthy eating and considers human contact a privilege, I make it my duty to help as many people as possible adopt healthy habits for life. Feel free to come and meet me. You will see that with my sense of humor and practicality, eating well will quickly become fun and simple!


Languages ​​spoken by your nutritionist: French and English.

Across Quebec 514 990-7128 418 317-1288
Toll free 1 877 427-6664

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Lysanne Pedicelli | Nutritionist at NutriSimple

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