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Elisabeth Cerqueira | Nutritionist/dietitian and President of NutriSimple by Elisabeth Cerqueira, Dt.P., Nutritionist/dietitian and President of NutriSimple


There have been studies since 1970 that show that diets do not work. However, we are still in the culture of dieting. Why?

Because overweight people can be vulnerable to people who claim to be "nutrition coaches" or "nutrition experts", individuals who make money by exploiting people's vulnerability. It is like going to see someone who calls themselves a "medical expert" but is not a member of the  College of Physicians !

Eating disorders and other related disorders are numerous. Just think of hyperphagic access, anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, bigorexia or muscle dysmorphia, nocturnal hyperphagia syndrome, etc. Suppose a healthy relationship with food and the body is not established. In that case, a "nutrition coach" could lead an individual to develop one of these disorders or at least a disturbing relationship with food by recommending extreme diets. Moreover, suppose an individual is not able to detect this disorder. In that case, he or she won't recognize the warning signs of the presence of such a condition.

Be aware that a high percentage of diets result in a return to square one, which means at best, you regain the weight you lost, and at worst, you gain more!


Why choose a nutritionist/dietitian?

Anyone who uses the "Nutritionist" title must have a bachelor's degree in nutrition and be a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ). What does this mean in concrete terms? It means that your nutritionist has been rigorously trained to manage your condition (weight loss, sports performance, cholesterol, diabetes, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, eating disorder, etc.). A nutritionist has a solid scientific background (biochemistry, biology, psychology, etc.) and must follow continuous training to offer you a quality service without danger to your health. A "nutrition coach or consultant" is not a member of a professional order and does not have a university degree in human clinical nutrition.

Our role is first and foremost to protect you, to ensure that we help you in the long term, for your physical and psychological well-being. Did you know that the mission of an order is to protect you? Yes, you read it right: to protect you and not the professional! Therefore, before consulting in nutrition, make sure that the individual is a member of the order's good standing.

Trust only nutrition professionals, dietitians/nutritionists! These nutritionists appear in the media to denounce those who degrade people who are overweight and who again make them vulnerable by attacking their self-esteem.


Let's opt for a society of compassion and not judgment!
Let us opt for a society that cares about people and treats all humans equally!

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