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1. Passionate team

Our staff is proud to work for NutriSimple, and this pride contributes to developing a strong sense of belonging. At NutriSimple, you'll be surrounded by motivated and passionate people who share a common goal: to exceed the expectations of our clients to help them live a healthy and happy life.

To exceed these expectations and reach the pinnacle of success, we surround ourselves with qualified people who love their job. 

2. Close partnership with general practitioners and specialists

We have an enviable reputation among doctors. We work in synergy to provide maximum support to our mutual clients. We have a systematic method adapted to their pathology or their need, which integrates many aspects. After the client's approval, we send a personalized nutritional and medical report to doctors and specialists to facilitate the coordination of actions.

3. Access to quality training

We support and encourage our nutritionists and our staff to improve themselves. For example, we offer you four continuing education courses in various spheres of clinical nutrition every year, all for free.

4. Possibility of advancement

Do you want to fulfill yourself and climb the ladder? At NutriSimple, it's possible! Tell us about your career aspirations. We will guide you and give you the tools you need to help you achieve your career goals.

5. Select clientele

You will have a close relationship with a diverse clientele, whether for weight loss, cardiovascular prevention, intestinal health, sports nutrition, diabetes, etc.

6. Beneficial working conditions

NutriSimple values staff retention because perseverance is one of our core values. To do this, we offer excellent working conditions:

  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Competitive compensation with annual review;
  • Special leave;
  • Bonus based on recognition, rigor, and perseverance;
  • State-of-the-art electronic record system;
  • The assistance of a nutritionist scientific adviser;
  • Forum for nutritionists;
  • Unlimited vacation, including 3 weeks refunded;
  • A high hourly rate ranging from $28.20 to $52.71 per hour depending on experience;
  • Including a gym membership of your choice;
  • $600 paid nutrition training per year;
  • Contribution of the OPDQ reimbursed in part or in full according to the number of hours worked after one year of service.

 7. Transparent and accessible management team

Our organizational structure promotes bidirectional communication between the various directorates and the staff. A friendly and respectful work environment allows demonstrating the seriousness of our work while ensuring close human relations. Listening to you is part of our values.

8. Winning partnerships and companies

We are working more and more with companies whose leaders care about the health of their employees. Our services offered in the context of employee assistance programs (EAPs) or partnerships with companies are a motivating avenue for our staff to help as many people as possible.

9. Vision and common values

We have a mission and clear objectives. Our organization chart is efficient. Our practices and policies are well established and equitable for all. At NutriSimple, we do not just display our values. We live and convey them continually among our staff and our clients.

10. Family spirit

From your first days with us, you will feel this family spirit. To start a career with NutriSimple is to be part of a family having at heart the health and the well-being of its staff and clients. The sense of mutual help is ubiquitous throughout the company.

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