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🍏A healthy diet during the breastfeeding period is crucial for you and your baby. Consult a nutritionist-dietitian to guide you in your food choices, step by step.


🔍Definition The World Health Organization, the Canadian Pediatric Society, and Dietitians of Canada recommend breastfeeding for up to two years, with exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. Breastfeeding your child is a natural act that can be learned relatively easily.

🚦Complications Breastfeeding has many health benefits for both the child and the mother and has very few disadvantages.

👩🏻Why consult us? According to Health Canada, about 25% of women stop breastfeeding after only one month of testing. Your nutritionist-dietitian will give you the best nutritional advice or even refer you to a breastfeeding consultant if you need small adjustments to help you succeed in breastfeeding and enjoy it.

🍽Why nutrition? Adequate hydration and a varied high-quality diet are the keys to successful breastfeeding and weaning. It will thus be possible to avoid nutritional deficiencies, both in the mother and the child, in addition to detecting and quickly correcting food allergies, thanks to recommendations based on the most recent literature data.

🛒What does counseling entail? Your nutritionist-dietitian from NutriSimple will support you in breastfeeding and weaning processes to meet your needs and those of your newborn, thanks to the ST.E.P.S.TM method..

Duration of nutritional treatment A minimum of 6 months is recommended, depending on the desired duration of breastfeeding.

📈Will I succeed? The objectives will depend significantly on the needs that you have targeted with your nutritionist-dietitian during the first evaluation meeting.

💵 Cost The first evaluation is at $ 125.00. Your nutritionist will then offer you the appropriate nutritional treatment plan suited to your needs.

📁 File Your nutritionist-dietitian works closely with your doctor to ensure comprehensive care of your case. Besides, you will have access to a private section online with your nutritionist.

📍 Clinics location More than 80 clinics in Quebec, call us at 1 (877) 427-6664 or schedule an appointment directly by clicking on this link: https://www.nutrisimple.com/fr/prenez-rendez-vous-en-ligne-avec-nutritionniste

Across Quebec 514 990-7128 418 317-1288
Toll free 1 877 427-6664

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