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The principles of intuitive nutrition

The fundamental principles of intuitive nutrition inspire NutriSimple. This latter approach restores our confidence in our ability to meet our needs in a healthy way. Besides, it eliminates the guilt associated with the act of eating and restores the pleasure that was once associated with it. Learning to live according to these principles means learning to trust and respect ourselves!



  1. Reject the dieting mentality that creates false hope. We may be concerned about our weight, but it is not the primary goal or indicator of progress.

  2. Honoring hunger when it is moderate.  For example, am I really hungry? Are there physical symptoms of hunger? Hollows, gurgling, etc.?

  3. Allow yourself to eat any food you desire.  The first criterion for choosing what you eat should be “Does this taste good?” or “Will I be satisfied?”

  4. Quit categorizing foods as “good” or “bad.” ».  In fact, all foods are part of healthy nutrition, and variety is important.

  5. Connect to your feeling of satiation to know when to stop eating. Listen to your body and stop eating before you get too full. It can be learned!

  6. Discover the satisfaction and pleasure of eating. You should enjoy eating and not feel guilty!

  7. Live your emotions without necessarily using food. We need to develop other methods other than eating to deal with emotions such as stress, boredom, sadness, anger, etc.

  8. Respect your body as it is in the present moment. Start loving yourself now.

  9. Be physically active for fun, not to lose weight.  We need to focus on how physical activity makes us feel, especially on the energy it brings and stress release.

  10. Honor your health and taste buds with your favorite foods. It is perfectly normal to have food preferences. Honor them!


Karine Gravel. Formation Harmonie Santé, Comportements alimentaires, décembre 2015.

Image: www.hellocoton.fr

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