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Dopamine and hunger: what is the link? Schedule an appointment
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Carole-Anne Godbout | Nutritionist/dietitian at NutriSimple by Carole-Anne Godbout, Dt.P., Nutritionist/dietitian

Dopamine and hunger: what is the link?
A new study from Max Plante Institue reveals the constant contact between the brain and our gastrointestinal tract. More specifically, this study reports the role dopamine plays.


Dopamine is the most important messenger substance of the reward system in the brain and is released when, for example, goals are achieved or desire for something motivates us to take action.

Marc Tittgemeyer and Heiko Backes have investigated the question of how food intake in the body is actually controlled. The scientists offered milkshakes to volunteers and at the same time measured the release of dopamine in the brain using a newly developed method.

The researchers have also found a link between subjective desire and dopamine release: The brains of participants who had a particular craving for the milkshake, released more dopamine when they tasted the drink. As soon as it reached the stomach, however, less dopamine was released. “Our data show that our cravings are closely related to dopamine. If we don’t get the second release of dopamine through the stomach, we might continue to eat until we do”, explains Backes.

The gastrointestinal tract is in constant contact with the brain and uses reward stimuli to control our desire for food.


See full article here: https://neurosciencenews.com/dopamine-eating-behavior-10464/

Article source
Thanarajah SE, Backes H, DiFeliceantonio AG, and al. Food intake recruits orosensory and post-ingestive dopaminergic circuits to affect eating desire in humans. Cell Metabolism 2019; 29: 1-12.

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